The URL of our website is https://learnitweb.com.

Who we are

We are a group of working professionals each having experience more that 10 years in IT industry. We have experience in Java, Python, JavaScript, Angular in addition to other technologies and frameworks.

How it all started

The goal was to create a shared space where we can share our experience. We started by writing documents and sharing among ourselves. Later, we agreed to create a website. The cost of creating website was not much, and so it all started.

What is our goal

The goal is to share our experience with others. We never had the intention to monetize the website. If you see any advertisement on this website that is just to bear the cost of running the website. Whenever we read tutorials on the internet, there are too many advertisements placed on the page. We always want to keep our website as clean as possible. We would like to help all those who want to learn and want to make a career in IT industry.